Which Are The Cheapest (Most Popular) Refrigerators (Fridges) To Buy In 2022?

Different consumers have different refrigerators needs. Thus, one refrigerator may not be the best choice for every consumer.

Some may find single-door refrigerators is their best choice, while others may consider two-door refrigerators to be suitable for their needs. Everybody has their own set of choice.

Which fridge is the best? if you are looking for it then I must say that it depends on the requirements. Here I’m suggesting some best refrigerators you can think of.

1. Samsung 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door One of the Best Cheapest Refrigerator

Technical Specifications

Capacity – 260 liters suitable for 2 to 4 members and single families
Energy rating 5 stars: high efficiency model
Digital inverter compressor
Shelf Type: Spill-proof hardening glass; The base stand drawer runs on the home inverter. Safe clean back | Base stand drawer | Deep door guard | Voltage Range: 100 V – 300 V
Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

It is one of the most energy efficiency, almost noiseless and a long lasting refrigerator by Samsung. The digital inverter compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand.

You can find your food and vegetable items fresh and safe inside the fridge for longer. It has a soft curved, round-top shape and clean lines, with a horizontal handle at the top of the door.

This fridge has built in stabilizer to protect the refrigerator from power fluctuations. It works continuously and reliably. If the voltage is increased too much, it automatically cuts off the power to prevent electrical damage.

To protect the environment, it works on electricity generated from the solar panel within a voltage range of 100v – 300v. The current and voltage in the batteries are controlled by the solar charge controller. And in the evening, the energy stored in the batteries is used by the SPCU to run the refrigerator.

In India, power cuts are common in various regions and villages. Due to its low power consumption, you can run it on the inverter during power cuts, which ensures that your food should remain fresh as usual.

It has a large capacity wedge box which provides a convenient place to store all your fresh vegetables and fruits. And because it is so big that it is very easy to find everything you use every day, because they are all in one place.

There is an anti-bacterial gasket that helps keep the door liner clean and prevents the formation of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator. So everything is cleaner and food is less likely to rotten early.

Its Safe Clean Back is an adequate safety shield for its internal critical components that can be easily cleaned. It also looks clean and gives them durability by avoiding accidental bumps and knocking.

  • Energy rating 5 stars,
  • Digital inverter compressor,
  • Auto Smart Connect feature to automatically install the inverter supply to the refrigerator during a power-cut,
  • less noise,
  • Glass hard shelves,
  • Anti bacterial gasket,
  • This is one of the cheapest fridges,
  • Nothing at this price,

2. Samsung 253 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Technical Specifications:

Capacity – 253 liters: suitable for 2 to 3 members and single families
Energy rating 3 stars: high energy efficiency
Defrost Type – Frost Free
Digital inverter compressor: cooling demand, automatic adjustment of speed in response to quiet operation and uses less power
Shelf Type: Spill-proof Hardened Glass
Split features: Dahi Maestro now makes perfect yogurt. Voltage Range: 100V – 300V | Stabilizer Free Operation | Digital display | Easy Slide Shelf | Movable ice blower
Manufacturer warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

First of all, it comes with digital inverter compressor technology. This compressor saves energy by adjusting the cooling power and provides noiseless operation.

Secondly, it is twin cooling plus technology. This technology uses independent cooling systems with separate airflow in the fridge and freezer. This allows independent temperature control for fridges and freezers.

The special feature of this one is yogurt making, you can prepare a perfect yogurt in just 6-7 hours, regardless of the weather.

It has a digital display and a button on the door to toggle the desired temperature. And in a deep freezer.There is a warning mechanism that starts crying when the door is open for too long and the lights blink when kept open for too long.

The refrigerator is rated 3-star energy by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), it consumes only 40 watts per hour of electricity and you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill at the end of the month. All these features, its sales and customer satisfaction across the country make it the second best refrigerator in India in 2022 and also one of the most popular and best selling fridge.

  • This is a very good refrigerator.
  • Powerful cooling and low power consumption.
  • Spacious and easy to use, easy to clean.
  • It has a cool pack and cool pad which is excellent.
  • Looks awesome.
  • Makes less noise.
  • No light in freezer section,

3. LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL, Shiny Steel, Smart Inverter Compressor)

Technical Specifications:

Capacity – 260 liters
Cooling Technology – Ice Beam Door Cooling
Defrost Type – Frost Free
Shelf Type – Hardened Glass
Weight – 127.43 kg
Warranty – 1-Year Product and 10-Year Compressor Warranty

It is an auto defrost, two door refrigerator. Incorporating inverter compressor technology, the LG refrigerator offers a noise-free and energy-efficient approach. The maximum storage capacity of the refrigerator is 260 liters.

To deal with power outages, this refrigerator comes with Smart Inverter 3 technology. The built-in feature allows you to connect the refrigerator to your home cooler for continuous cooling performance.

It will be the best refrigerator in India for a family of up to three members. Although the LG refrigerator is found in single ends of Shiny steel, it provides a modern look that can easily blend in with all types of modern home decor.

The LG Fridge Freezer is a 4-star star rated unit. This means that it will save you a lot of energy while providing continuous, refrigerated operation for many years to come. This is one of the best fridges to buy.

  • Smart inverter compressor,
  • Convertible,
  • 4-star energy-efficiency rated,
  • Auto Smart Connect feature to automatically install the inverter supply to the refrigerator during a power-cut,
  • Ice Beam Door Cooling Techniques,
  • Multi Air Flow Cooling,
  • Moisture is balanced with humidity controller,
  • Smart diagnosis system,
  • This is one of the cheapest best selling fridge,
  • No light in frezer,

4. Haier 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator HRB-3404BMS-E, Bottom Freezer

Technical Specifications :

Capacity – 320 Liters
Cooling Technology – 360 Degree Airflow
Defrost Type – Frost Free
Freezer capacity – 86 liters
Shelf Type – Toughened Glass
Weight – 62 kg
Warranty – 1-Year Product and 10-Year Compressor Warranty

It is another double door good refrigerator in India with new design and good features. The two-door refrigerator has a capacity of 320 liters which allows you to store large amounts of food, vegetables, etc. very easily.

The Haier 320L 3 Star Frost Free has an additional and easy to use. The best refrigerator in India has a rating of 3 stars. The fridge has the power to make cold deserts. Also the refrigerator shelves are made using glass that can easily handle the weight of heavy dishes.

  • Convertible refrigerator,
  • 3-star energy efficiency rating,
  • 1 hour icing technique,
  • It contains a polite place for the stated liter.
  • Big boxes to store vegetables,
  • Stabilizer free operation and protects the compressor from high voltage fluctuations,
  • Easily spread ice cubes by rotating inbuilt trays,
  • This is one of the cheapest fridges,
  • 1-year product and 10-year compressor warranty,
  • No display,
  • No child lock,

5. Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 3S, Blue)

Technical Specifications :

Capacity – 190 liters
Cooling Technology – Direct cool
Defrost Type – Manual
Freezer Capacity – 50 L
Shelf Type – Toughened Shelves
Weight – 45 Kg
Warranty – 1-Year Product and 5-Year Compressor Warranty

The Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator has three BEE energy level stars making it the best refrigerator in India.

The refrigerator has a removable handle, 2 shelves (wire), an ice tray, a large refrigerator and a large storage area for storing large amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Sufficient space in the refrigerator for a door can easily store large and small appliances. India’s best refrigerator from Whirlpool has two flexible pairs of measuring feet on the front. This is one of the best fridges to buy.

  • 3-star energy rating
  • Large storage room for vegetables
  • A vegetable juice which has the ability to lock the moisture of honey, keeps the moisture of the vegetables fresh for a long time.
  • A built-in stabilizer, so additional reinforcement is not required
  • Maximum Freezer Space
  • This is one of the cheapest fridges
  • One year product and five years compressor warranty
  • Less waranty in compressor,

6. Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator 215 ICEMAGIC PRO PRM 4S INV

Technical Specifications:

Capacity – 200 liters
Weight – 39.6 kg
Cooling Technology – Direct Cool
Defrost Type – Manual
Freezer Capacity – 14 Liters
Shelf Type – Hardened/toughened Glass
Warranty – 1-Year Product and 10-Year Compressor Warranty

The Whirlpool 215 ICEMAGIC PRO PRM 4S INV is a cold, single-door refrigerator with a total capacity of 200 liters. For that, 14 liters are available in the freezer section. Whirlpool refrigerator prevents cooling leaks with 6th sense fresh control technology.

Enjoy instant ice with Whirlpool Insulated Capillary refrigerator technology and cool storage for 12 hours. The Whirlpool refrigerator supports a built-in cooler so that an external unit is not required to deal with unstable versions.

To support 4-star energy efficiency, the Whirlpool refrigerator ensures good energy savings. Able to store large fruits and vegetables, the Whirlpool refrigerator keeps the same fresh for 7 days.

The Whirlpool refrigerator comes with a drawer base that allows you to store non-refrigerated foods such as potatoes and onions for quick use. This is one of the best fridges to buy.

  • 12-hour cold retention
  • 2 rack dedicated to the door
  • 4-star energy rating
  • Advanced Moisture Control Knob
  • Honey Comb Moisture Lock Crisp Cover
  • Get fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge after 7 days
  • It prevents virus growth up to 99% with microblock technology
  • One year product and 10 years compressor warranty
  • Cheapest price fridge
  • Compressor is not inverter type,

Buying Guides of Refrigerator:

Looking for the best refrigerator in India? You are in the right place and we give you a guide to buy a refrigerator. These factors need to be considered before purchasing a new refrigerator.We have created this fridge shopping guide which you have to keep in mind everything to understand the most important thing in the kitchen.

These days, refrigerators store more than fresh food. In addition, the refrigerator has an incredible understanding of all these factors that may influence the decision of your choice of refrigerator. Look at the points to keep in mind before purchasing a

There are various factors affecting people who want to buy a good refrigerator. You have to consider these points before making a choice on the refrigerator.


Refrigerator capacity is the biggest factor affecting people’s choice. People with large families want to buy that can meet the needs of these families.

Refrigerator is measured in liters. You can easily find a refrigerator with the lowest capacity to meet your daily needs.

If your family size is larger than six to seven people, then you will need the largest and best refrigerator in India with a capacity of 400 to 850 liters. But if you’re a couple, a 150- to 250-liter refrigerator should suffice.

Auto Defrosting System:

All refrigerators require quiet air circulation in their parts. In a quiet direct fridge, there is a circulation that is controlled by natural convection without external convection. The biggest problem with this method is the uneven distribution for ice in the fridge. And you have to remove the fridge by hand.

But in cold-free refrigerators, as the name suggests, there is no need to heat the refrigerator because it circulates air evenly with the help of electric fans. This method does not lead to the formation of ice inside the room, which is why you keep your fridge for a long time. This type of refrigerator is more expensive than cooler direct refrigerators and uses more electricity.

Depending on the size and shape of the refrigerator, refrigerators can be divided into three main types-

Single Door Refrigerator: These single-door refrigerators have only one door, with an average capacity of 150 to 250 liters. These are the most economical options available to those who want the best refrigerator with no refrigerator space or offer modest freezer space. Single-door refrigerators feature direct quiet technology.

Double Door Refrigerators: These refrigerators have two doors, one on top of the other. In most cases, the upper room is reserved for the refrigerator and the lower one is for general use. The refrigerator has a capacity of 250 to 600 liters and is suitable for large families. Such refrigerators are designed to use low-energy and cooling water cooling technology. In addition, these are energy efficient and have strong glass shelves.

Side-by-side refrigerator: The side-by-side refrigerator is thin and has a freezer on one side, especially on the left side, and half on the other side of the refrigerator. These are the best refrigerators in India for those who want them within budget. But there is a minimum storage space limit and little extra power consumption.

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